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About Drumboo

...this is what you need to know...

I´m a Drummer and run my own company for custom Bassdrum Heads.
Check it out:
I play drums in a band called EDGEBALL:
you can email me at : db at

Name: Drumboo

Instrument: Drums

Birthday: 4th of November

Place of Birth: Wiesbaden, Germany!


Height: 193 cm

Haircolor: Brown

Eyecolor: Brown

Most influenced by: Eric Singer

Other drummers that have an influence on me:
Tico Torres, Joey Kramer, Tommy Lee, Jimmy Degrasso!

Fav Bands: Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Y&T and many more

Fav Movies: Lethal Weapon 1-4, Monsters, Inc., Catch me, if you can!, Support your Local Gunfighter, Support your Local Sheriff, Ocean´s eleven

Fav Cartoon Series: Family Guy, American Dad, Spongebob Squarepants.

Fav TV Series: The King of Queens, Monk, 24, most 80´s Shows i grew up with

Fav Colors: Black, Silver and Purple

Fav Website:

I use:
Pearl Drums & Hardware, Masterwork Cymbals, Remo Drumheads,
Ice-Stix, Drumsigns Custom Frontheads, In tune Guitar Picks.

Drumboo´s Fave 10 Records:
1. KISS - Alive 3
2. Slash´s Snakepit - Ain´t Life Grand
3. KISS - Revenge
4. KISS - Sonic Boom
5. Alice Cooper - Live in Montreux 05
6. Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper
7. Badlands - Badlands
8. Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry
9. Aerosmith - Pump
10. Elvis - An Afternoon in the Garden



I have been using Pearl Drums,
Hardware and Pedals since i started Drumming
and i ´ve never thought about using something else!
I´ve never had any problems with the drums
or any part of the hardware.
Pearl Drums sound and look incredible....
I use Pearl Products ..
and so should you :O)

Check out my gear

Drums: Pearl

Various Series
A: 24” x 16” or 24” x 14”
Bass Drum
B: 14” x 6,5”
Various Models
C: 13” x 9” Tom
D: 16" x 16" Floor Tom
E: 18" x 16" Floor Tom

Cymbals: Masterwork

1: 18" Resonant Crash
2: 14" Resonant Rock Hi-Hats
3: 22” Prototype Ride
4: 16" Iris China
5: 8” Resonant Splash

AA: LP Bongo Bell


Sticks: Ice-Stix Drumboo
Signature Model
Remo Drumheads
Danmar Beaters & Stick Holders
Protection Racket Bags
KellySHU Mic Mounts

Thanks to

My Mom, Laura, Nadine, Leonie, Eric Singer, Gomezz, Josh & Ulla, Alex Hlousek, Max Friedrich,
My Band: Mete, Pierre,
HG Margit, Katharina, Kevin, Urban Berz, Beth Trussel, Hannes Sönmez, 
Birger @ Ice Stix, Dominik @ DR Customs, Chuck Garric,
Jason Hook, Gene Okamoto, Al Percival, Raymond Massey, Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson, Keri Kelli, Tommy Clufetos, Tobi Mamis, Victoria, Franny, Ken Rodenas, Brian Nelson, Pat Nowak, Paul Bassett, Cesar, Chopper, Brib, Kyler Clark, Thomas Franke / Frank Jacobs @ Pearl Europe, Fred Coury, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, Udo Masshoff, Toni Pinciroli, Rainer Elute Kind, Fritz @ Drumhouse, Torsten Huber, Stefan Huber, Michael Weber Labonte, Stefan Weiler @ Remo Drumheads, Ralf & Axel Mikolajczak, Frank Rohe @ M&T, Willy Wahan, Jörg Schmitt, Arndt Krone, Kay Paulus,
Thomas Denzinger, Eric & Gilda Smidt, Bert @ InTuneGP, Helmut S., Günter T.
(the man who helped me getting my first kit),
everybody else i forgot to mention.


Volker Träuptmann
Bergstr. 7
65375 Winkel
db at